5 Travel Essentials for The Philippines


You’ve finally booked your ticket, you have an itinerary, and in a matter of time, it’s time to hit the Philippines, whether you’re going on an expedition with us, or visiting thousands of islands here!

To be honest, I’m not a smart packer; I’m just a girl who wants to have as much as OOTDs every single day. LOL But hey, I’ve learned my lesson and as much as possible learn how to pack light and just buy some of the stuff when you reach here. The Philippines is pretty cheap and you can just donate or dispose after you use…

Don’t ever forget your passport, travel vaccinations (tetanus, typhoid, hepatitis A&B, etc.), and make sure you also have travel insurance (Hi Oli!). So let’s get into it!

  1. Refillable Water Bottle
  • When I travel, I make sure I have one of this. You can’t drink tap water in the Philippines, even if I am a Filipino, it’s much better to be safe than sorry. Aside from that, you won’t spend too much in buying water in a plastic bottle and you definitely help out in saving the planet earth!


  1. Sun Cream
  • This one is vital when visiting PH, we have a tropical weather and Mr. Sun is not too shy to bring hotness to everyone he meets. You might also want to bring after sun creams for your sunburn that relieves pain and inflammation. You can buy branded sun creams with high SPF here such as Nivea, Banana Boat, etc. and it’s easy to find at the malls and pharmacies (Mercury drugstore and Watsons).


  1. Insect Repellent Lotion/ After Bite cream
  • Mosquitoes are widespread here, but having a good insect repellent lotion would be enough. I’ve read a lot about travelers who are afraid of Malaria, it’s a problem in certain places only and not usually places where tourists visit. If you want to bring some, please do. Again, you can just buy it from the pharmacies here.


  1. Cash
  • Here we go! ATMs are not a problem, especially in touristy places or if you’re in a mall. In Coron, you can find ATMs there too but they experience blackouts, and because of lots of tourists arriving they sometimes run out of cash. Also, the thing you need to remember is there is a charge per transaction which costs 250php or almost $5 if you have an international card.  Be sure you have enough cash for food and for transportation.


  1. Camera/ Action Camera and Journal
  • With thousands of islands here in the PH, waterfalls, and scenic views, you don’t want to miss taking pictures of it and just bring home some amazing memories. Bringing a journal is good as well or a good book… It’s always good to write some lessons you learned while traveling or just reading a good book beside the beach!




There are lots of essentials that you need to have while in the PH but these will be some of the most helpful ones.

The list can be helpful too if you’re going to have some adventures especially if you want to experience the island life our way. :)

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Till next time!


Charm BDBM