Must Visit Islands in Coron

Palawan is a tropical paradise in the Philippines and it has been rated as one of the best islands to go to in several publications and by various award-winning bodies. Aside from El Nido and Puerto Princesa, you’ve most likely heard of Coron. And who could be better in talking about Coron than the #1 Expedition Company in Coron? Yup, that’s us! And we’re giving you a list of the best islands to visit in Coron. Need A Crash Course on Coron? Click here.


So, what are the must-see islands when visiting Coron? There’s a lot, actually. So we’ll do this in batches. Let’s go!


Coron Bay

If you’re visiting Coron, the most obvious stop would be Coron Bay. The unbelievable azure waters and tall limestone cliffs will surely take your breath away. Visit the viewpoints and be amazed with the full perspective of the bay or check out the best secret swimming spots in the area.

You will also see multiple shipwrecks along Coron Bay that are now covered with natural reefs. So if you’re into history or shipwrecks, this would make a perfect spot to dive or snorkel around.


Busuanga Island

Busuanga Island is situated just west of Coron Island. It’s a heaven for divers, especially those who loves diving for shipwrecks. We’re talking about dozens of Japanese ships from WWI who got hit by an aerial attack in 1944!

The Japanese ships have found their final resting place right off the coast of Busuanga Island and are now covered with colorful reefs. So, if you want to swim inside and around those ships, pack your gear and just choose from various shops who offer wreck dives.


Lake Kayangan

Have you ever heard of the cleanest lake in the Philippines and in Asia AKA Kayangan Lake? This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Coron.

Ditch the uncomfy shoes because you’ll have to trek a few hundred steps to get from the docking point to the lake itself. To help you visualize the place, this lake is a body of water in the middle of the forest. You’ll get a little bit of cardio workout getting there, but the forest scenery makes the hike feel like you’re just taking a leisurely stroll. Don’t worry, with the sights below the lake’s surface, the striking jagged rock formations, it’s so spectacular that it makes the trek very much worth it!

Remember when people told you to appreciate the little things or take it one step at a time? That’s exactly what you should do. Take a look at your surroundings, feel, enjoy, and breathe in all the beauty of Mother Nature. Keep your eye open as you’ll easily see where lake suddenly drops off into a deeper swimming pool while you’re on higher ground. The lake is 70% freshwater and 30% salt water and being able to see that sight is a one of a kind experience.

When visiting Kayangan Lake, be as respectful as possible because the locals believe that good spirits inhabit the lake and so, they perform spiritual rituals in the area. This is probably the reason why it’s so clean and magical.


Black Island

Have you ever seen a Black and White Island? Well, it’s not literally black and white but the Island got its name 'Black Island' because of the black limestone rocks that covers the area. And even though the limestones are black, the beaches have beautiful fine white sand. FYI, the official name of the island is the Malajon Island.

You can explore the three small caves that are open to the public and one of them has a natural pool inside!

The first cave is where you’ll see some limestone rock formations and it’s also where you’ll also see the natural pool. For the other caves, bring your flashlights and headlamps! The second cave and third cave are connected to each other. Don’t worry, it’s not that far.

There’s also a great snorkeling spot nearby which is a coral garden with a colorful underwater scenery with a WWII shipwreck in the middle of it.

 So, that’s the first batch of our must-visit islands in Coron. Watch out for our next batch!

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Till then, cheers!