New: Best Things in Port Barton Travel Guide!


  Recently some of our team went to check out Port Barton as many of our guests are either headed their after our expedition or have come from there and we’d heard such wonderful things we thought better go find out for ourselves!

  We’re super stoked to report we weren’t disappointed! Whilst there we tried a bit of everything, met some wonderful people and most of the business owners so please enjoy our Best Of’s Port Barton, if you find anything else please let us know.

1. Best Burger: Reef Cafe

  To be honest we probably could have said “Best Food” but their burgers need a special mention! Not only is the “American” the best burger we’d ever tasted, their VEGGIE burger is some sort of miracle food illusion. You won’t believe it’s not meat. Really, Albert (Reef Cafe Owner and super nice guy) said that it’s quite common for vegetarians to want to go to the kitchen to show that it’s really veggie - It’s so delicious!

For a drink there we recommend the Calamansi Lemonade.


2. Best Coffee: Margaritas Villa

  Located next to happy bar along the beachfront, this nice little family owned spot has such a homey vibe about it that makes you want to stay. And for me, half the thing with coffee is the vibe around me while i’m drinking it. It’s common to see the owner, Mel, just strumming on a guitar and kids running all around (peacefully though lol). And the coffee itself is serious!

  Mel’s wife, Mitch was a barista back in Australia so she takes her coffee seriously and brought a proper coffee machine so you can have a real cup rather than a 3 in 1 or brewed coffee. Go for the coffee and stay for the good vibes and live music every evening courtesy of the appropriately named, Lovely.



3. Best Restaurant: Gorgonzola’s

  We absolutely loved this place! Their pizzas are incredible and an absolute must try while in Port Barton, especially for veggies as they have so many options. While Reef Cafe Veggie Burger was really mind-blowing, the variety of options at Gorgonzola and the combination of their coffee and breakfast options just made it such a great place to hang. Beware! Their pizzas come in sharing size so be sure to go with friends. They also do fantastic coffee.

  A special shout out to the owner too! He saw one of us had left a lot of our Nutella Banana Focaccia and before we left, he very politely asked why explaining that he’d like to know so he could improve it. We’d actually left it because we had way over ordered and were so full but any business owner who is that humble and passionate about what they are doing – you can never go wrong!


4. Best Big Boat Tour: Tribal Xperience

  We like what these guys are doing down in Port Barton the most! They’re trying to create an experience rather than just Tour A B C D, and as you guys know, that’s what we’re all about! Whilst we didn’t actually go on their trip, we did see their big boat in the water (it has a slide so it’s pretty hard to miss!)

  We also met with them and during the meeting, they got a call that one of the batteries on the boat was dead! Now don’t panic, this is really common on boast in the Philippines (and on some tours you could be waiting indefinitely for a replacement) but Isaac and Danny went straight to the van, on to the speedboat, and went on their way to help the group. Now, that level of service is what you want!

  Unfortunately, we can’t recommend accommodation options because we stayed with friends whilst in town, but on our next trip, we’ll be sure to check some out.


  The great thing about Port Barton is, well, everything! The standard is high for food and drinks even though the vibe of the whole town is pretty chill. For us, it’s the best food we’ve had on land in the Philippines.

So if you’re planning to head to Port Barton either before or after our expedition, let us know about it! We’d love to hear your experience!