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 Being regarded as a ‘Must do’ experience in the Philippines we often get asked for recommendations on other ‘must do’ experiences that people can enjoy either before or after our expedition (link to homepage) across the Philippines. Because we also get lot’s of guests who are going on to do some other ‘must do’ activities so we hear quite a lot about cool things you can get up to in the Philippines. Now we want to share them with you!




  1. Wakeboarding (Camarines Sur)

CamSur is a province located in the Bicol Region in Luzon of the Philippines. It is the “Wakeboarding Capital” of the Philippines and you can check CamSur Watersports Complex. Some of the activities are wakeboarding, boat rentals, swimming, free skate park, and music /social events.

CamSur Complex has a skateboard park which is open to the public for FREE! Yes, you heard it right – but of course, you need to sign a waiver before you can skate!


If you just need a time to chill, you can use their swimming pool and if you need a little booze, they have a clubhouse restaurant & bar.  You can socialize with other travelers and have a great time.


Winter Package is also available every October-March  (from $199 for 6Nights to $699 for a month)– you can save a lot from bucket of beers ($5), massages ($7), unlimited wakeboarding, and cheap but good accommodations etc.!



Finally, speaking of accommodations and after a day of activities, you can stay on a hut, container van (yes, they have cute ones!), cabana, wood cabin, or villa! So many to choose from depending on your budget!

Photo Credits: CamSur Watersports complex




  1. Cabagnow Cave Pool and Danao Park - Bohol

The crystal-clear water in the Philippines especially in Palawan is an eye-candy for everyone who travels in the Philippines. In Anda, Bohol which is in the eastern coast of the island has white sand beaches, rich marine life, hidden waterfalls and most of all lots of cave pools!

If you think you’ve been to Bohol and have seen it all including the famous Chocolate Hills, Panglao Beach, and Loboc River, add Anda to your list!


Photo Credits: Journeyera by Jackson Groves


The famous cave pool is the Cabagnow Cave Pool and it’s the biggest of the 6 cave pools in Anda. Deep blue cold water is the perfect description for it. The cave pool is a private property so you need to make sure that you always get permission from the caretaker and before you can dive, you need to have the ladder available! It’s also a rough path before you reach the cave pool, but who cares! It’s always a good adventure!


Are you an adrenaline junkie?

Check “The Plunge” in Danao Park Bohol. It is the highest canyon swing in the world at 280 meters in depth and the only one in Southeast Asia. Get your action cameras and record the most amazing and yet fulfilling experience while free falling for over 45 meters!! Bombs away!

Photo Credits: Danao Park


They also offer zip-line rappelling, caving and other high adrenaline activities. Probably one of the most intense travel you will experience.




  1. Camiguin

-Camiguin is located at the Northern tip of Mindanao and it’s famous by it’s natural wonders and a massive number of volcanoes around, hotsprings, cold waterfalls and the famous sunken cemetery.

In 1870s, Mt. Vulcan erupted and caused the surrounding to sink below sea level – the cross serves as a remembrance and you can reach the small base of the cross by a quick boat ride.


Photo Credits: TripAdvisor


White Island Camiguin


Mt. Hibok Hibok and Mt. Vulcan (Photo Credits: Google/Mindanao Tours)


One of the waterfalls is the Katibawasan Falls that is not far from Mambajao and is 250 feet high – you’ll pay 50 pesos for the environmental fee when you visit. The water is extremely cold so make sure you’re ready for the cold plunge!




  1. Sohoton Cove in Siargao (Cliff jumping, exploring caves, & swimming in the lagoons)

-This place is an hour boat ride from General Luna. It’s one of the places that you don’t want to miss when visiting Siargao. It’s a small version of El Nido, Palawan with its lagoons and crystal-clear waters.



Probably one of the most isolated areas and so serene! It will capture your heart and it’s always a good idea to stay in a peaceful place.


Photo Credit: Jackson Groves (Journeyera)


Aside from the lagoons, there are also caves where you can explore with your travel buddies and other locals.



  1. Tablas Island, Romblon (Blue Hole)

-This has been one of the interesting places by far – exploring the blue hole. It is located at the Northern tip of Tablas island and is particularly located in San Agustin. It is also considered as one of the diving spots and the only blue hole in the Philippines.


Photo Credit: Jackson Groves (Journeyera)

Once you reach the bottom, you will also see a cave where the sharks usually rest. There is also a massive number of colorful marine life and some interesting fish. Before you can dive and explore the blue hole, make sure that you are with professional/licensed divers. Safety first!


We hope that this article helped you. We know that there’s a lot of things that the Philippines can offer. So many islands, historical places, & adventures to experience. If you’re also looking to try the BDBM Expedition, you can choose from our website and see the 3 different expeditions we have.

We have Coron to Coron, Coron to El Nido & El Nido to Coron Expeditions - we are grateful that we're doing this after two seasons! We visit isolated locations and getting away from the usual tourist crowd. You can check the schedules or email us if you have any questions about what we do!