Where to stay in El Nido? Best accommodation in El Nido.

This article is written by Big Dream Boatman, the #1 Ranked Tour/Expedition operator on TripAdvisor 2018/2019. Specialising in 3 night expeditions to experience true island life, Coron-El Nido and Coron-Coron.

Here is a question we get very often. After our expedition is over and we drop guests at the port of El Nido… where should they go? Given that we attracts guests from all budget ranges we’re going to give you our absolute favourite options for high budget, mid budget and low budget that we’ve heard or experienced first hand ourselves as great spots.


High Budget (>$300): El Nido Resorts

Photo Credits: El Nido Resorts

If you can afford to go big we think you may as well do one of the El Nido resorts, they really are top of the class. There are a few to choose from and some certainly are more attractive to us than others although each offer different feels so do your research. They are eco conscious which is great and they were doing that before it was cool! 5/5.


Mid Budget($100-300): The Birdhouse

Photo Credits: The Birdhouse El Nido

Probably the most sought after accommodation in El Nido is The Birdhouse, number one on speciality lodging on trip advisor and with an accompanying restaurant which is also number one The Nesting Table, it’s easy to see why. It also helps that the business is run by an awesomely cool family. Mark has been a great friend to BDBM since our inception and watching these guys build something so unique and memorable for travellers is a joy. Check them out but be sure to book in advance! 5/5


Low Budget($10-40): Outpost/Mad Monkey

Photo Credits: MadMonkey & Outpost Hostels

For all your hostel needs, look no further than Outpost or Mad Monkey. With a few different locations across Philippines and the world these guys are reputable, clean, social and accountable… what more can you ask for from a hostel! When you go low budget in places like Palawan you can be taking a big risk so we definitely recommend going with one of these two. Again, they book out way in advance so try to find something early!


That’s all from us. If you are coming to Coron or El Nido and want to find out more about us (we are the number 1 ranked expedition on Trip Advisor, then be sure to check us out. @bdbm_coron on IG)



Oli Canavan

Founder - BDBM Coron