Hands down the best tour i've done.

@Finn _Snow, Top 3 Philippines Travel Vlogger, December 2017

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Open Group Expedition 3 Nights - 27,000 PHP Per Pax

The Group Experience

Island Hopping for 3 days, living on fresh fruit, seafood, rice and water (and a little rum) Sleeping on beaches and snorkelling around shipwrecks and Coral. This easily has been and likely stay the highlight of our 4 month trip. Simply incredible!

G. Roberts, April 2017

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BDBM Coron's Island Life Expedition - Private

The Island Life Expedition - Private

It was an unforgettable trip. We have already spoken to all our friends of the tour and we will soon come back.

Shirley G, March 2017

Coron secrets: BLOG

Spearfishing in Coron

Spearfishing in Coron

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A Crash Course on Coron

A Crash Course on Coron

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The Virgin Beaches of Port Barton

The Virgin Beaches of Port Barton

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