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Big Dream Boatman Team

BIG DREAM BOATMAN was founded by Krish and Oli in late 2016. It was born out of a frustration of the 'day trip' culture, the lack of social and eco responsibility by other operators and the 'let's get as many tourists on a boat as we can' approach.

They decided to do something different, and Krish dream to do a Coron Island Life expedition was born. For our first season we rented an old boat, and were blessed that some adventurous travellers happen to find us with our incredibly simple one page website!

Since that first season, Big Dream Boatman has evolved into something truly wonderful and beyond our wildest dreams. From renting a boat we were able to purchase a second hand boat, then we were able to get our own boats made, and by popular demand we started to include the Coron to El Nido and vice versa routes. All of it has happened very organically. With all what's happened, the greatest asset we have built over the last years is our incredible team!

People heard about what we were doing and wanted to get involved. We had the top chef's from restaurants across the island and the most experienced guides reach out to us, wanting to join us, and so we were able to get the most passionate staff you will probably ever encounter.

Even though the destinations we visit are mind-blowing, it is still most common for people to say the highlight of their trip was the crew. And when you think about it this makes perfect sense. Having a genuine experience and developing a friendship with somebody from a different culture is what travelling is all about!

We've been equally blessed to have the most influential names in travel find us and want to join our trip. We have never paid for people to come on to our trip, for whatever reason, the trip just seems to attract the best people as both crew and guests.

We have been blessed and will continue to share the experience for as long as we can!!

We are Big Dream Boatman, and we love what we do :)

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Contact Us

For questions, clarifications, and group bookings (5 or more), kindly use the form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. For faster response, please message us on WhatsApp on the following numbers:
Pre-booking: +639985977880
Post-booking: +639985977880
Reservations Email: