Improve your education everyday for 20 minutes and get FREE monthly data! Learn anything you want from maths, coding, art, science and more.... dream big!


When signing up please input your 'FIRST NAME & LAST NAME' as:
e.g. FIRST NAME : 928617284 LAST NAME: GLOBE
.g. FIRST NAME : 9828417294 LAST NAME: SMART

This is how we top up your load at the end of the month!
Watch the videos to get started.


1. Sign Up

If you are 12-16 years of age and live in Philippines then you can join on to the program. Simply click the link below and sign up. All you need is a smart phone, access to the internet and email address. Please watch the videos for how to sign up especially about inputting your name as your number. The program is run using Kahn Academy, a completely free online learning app.

2. Learn 20mins/day

Start learning! The app will register how much time you spend on the app and how much you learned. Spend 20 minutes each day (10 hours/month) on the app and enjoy free load for the following month!

3. Free Data

Once you have completed one month of learning we will automatically add 300 peso of data to your phone using the number you gave us when you signed up to the program (first name/last name). So for example, if you spend 20 mins/day on the app in January, you will get free data for February.

4. Keep Going!

After the first month, keep going! We will continue to top up your load every month you achieve 600 minutes/10 hours of learning time on the app! There are so many courses and things to learn so good luck!

WATCH: How To Sign Up

Got Questions?

Please contact oliver@bigdreamboatmancoron.com