Coron's good weather season is from October through to June. This is peak season and also when we run our Group Expeditions, we run private expeditions all year round. From July-September there is a high chance of storms.

Coron is in Palawan in the Philippines. It is a 1 hour flight from Manila. Palawan is quite well known as the most beautiful place in Philippines and SE Asia. Palawan is predominantly made up of El Nido, Coron and Puerto Princesa, these are the main places. I have written a short blog explaining more about Coron vs El Nido.

Everything you should need while you are with us. There is a fee to enter every sight/island/lake which is covered, your accomodation is included, food and drink (including rum), masks, snorkels, crew, chef, service, entertainment, the complete BDBM experience. Also you become a part of our social projects which you will find out more about during your trip.

Personal luxury items, home comforts, electrical equipment/charging facilities, music speakers, towels, bug spray, suncream.

Oh no! Well no worries, if you can let us know within one month of your expedition date then we will be able to give you a full refund of your deposit. If you have to cancel within one month of your expedition date the deposit is non-refundable, basically because we have already spent it reserving your accomodations and such!

This one I understand, we sound kind of like a Coron Tour Package but we really aren't. We don't operate many expeditions and we personalise every one of them. You are never coming on our expedition, we are always creating an expedition for you. We don't follow the standard Coron Tour Package routes, these take a 'how many people can we get on a boat' or 'how little can we include for the price' attitude. We're not like that at all. Although we go to many of the main attractions the BDBM experience is completely different, it's more private, personal, authentic, better food, all inclusions and we also use much of our profits to reinvest into Coron and the Calamian Islands in social projects. So yes we are more expensive but we believe, and our guests seem to agree, we always provide more value than the price paid.

If you are a family, a large group of friends, senior citizens or very unsociable I would reccomend doing a Private Expedition. If you are aged 18-40, sociable, like to meet new people, explore, adventure and travelling alone, as a couple, or a few friends then the Open Group Expedition would be a good choice.

The BDBM Expeditions provided you are with us for at least 2/3 days will show you most of what you would want to experience. What's left is what is in Coron town, namely Maquinit Hot Springs and Mt Tapyas, these can be done in an afternoon and I would reccomend them for sure!

We are a small group of local tour guides in Coron and a british traveller who met in November 2016. Krish is the original big dream boat man and he met Oli, the british traveller in late 2016. Once Oli experienced Krish's personal expedition they decided to work together to share it with other travellers because nobody was offering the same kind of experience, it was all 'Coron Tour Packages'.

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