BDBM Coron's Group Experience - (25,500 PHP/500 USD)

"This expedition just changed my life. It made the Philippines like a spiritual home for me. Great travellers, amazing crew, good rum and unforgettable exploring!"

Are you adventurous? An explorer? 18-45?

Are you always looking for the real experinces when you travel?

Do you hate being on overcrowded boats at packed tourist sights and wish you got there when nobody else was around?

Are you open to meeting like minded travellers and going on an adventure of a lifetime?

Would you rather sleep on islands falling asleep as you look up at the stars than stuffy hotels?

If so then you may be who we're looking for...

This is not your typical island hopping tour. This is the BDBM Coron Island Life Expedition, in the heart and soul of the Philippines' Palawan.

We gather together like minded travelleres to share the experience and adventure of a lifetime.

BDBM Coron Chief Tour Guide










A recent video by bloggers Dream Beach Life from their BDBM Expedition to give you an idea of the scenery and our philosophy.





What You Need To Know

How long do we go for : 3 Nights

What do we eat and drink: Fresh Chicken, Fish, Rice, Vegetables, Fruit, Rhum, Coke, Water

Whats included: Everything you need from Island Camping Equipment, Food & Drink, Snorkel Mask and Flippers, Kayaks, Fees etc.

Where do we sleep: In native beach cottages on quiet white sand beaches and for one night we camp on a James Bond Style secret layer island.

I've been on island tours before, what's new: This isn't an island hopping tour, it's an expedition, and you wont see many other tourists around and nobody does what we do. So everything is new.

How many people go? Between 5-10

Ok, how much is it? 25,500 PHP Per Person (Just under $500)


Kayangan Lake
Twin Lagoons
Siete Pecados
Barracuda Lake
Caps Point Coral Garden
Skeleton Shipwreck
Banol Beach BBQ




Banana Island, Beach Cottage



Culion Island
Volunteer Locals
Pass Island
Local Fishing Lesson
Bugor Island
Banana Island
Volleyball & Hammocks


Calumbuyan Island



North Key Island
Pamalican Island
Black Island
Calauit Wildlife Safari
Nightime Bonfire
Sing Song, Rum & Coke


Pass Island Camping






*Provided there is no public holiday/festival, you can
contact us to find out about specific dates and schedules.




  • Food & Drink for 4 days and 3 nights (including Rum, Chicken, Fish, Fruits)
  • Accomodation for 3 nights (2 nights native beach cottages, 1 night beach camping)
  • All fees: marine, island, eco, masks, snorkel, guides, chefs, service, social investment
  • Big Dream Boat Man Guides (spearfishers, singers, chefs, philosophers, good fun guys!)


Are you ready?

If this sounds like your sort of adventure and you'd like to join the Group Experience expedition of Coron and the Calamian Islands then we welcome you on board!

If you have any special requests, questions, customisations, dietary requirements or anything else, just let us know by sending us a message , we're nice people.

Please be aware that we only started operating our tours in March 2017 and have already had an overwhelming response which we are truely grateful for, so if you would like to come along with us please make your reservation in good time.

If you would like to stay in touch with us and watch our journeys, please follow us on Instagram using the icon at the bottom of this page.

Thank you, and we hope to see you soon!

Who Big Dream Boat Man Are...

On the left is Krish, the original big dream boat man. Coron's most savvy and nicest guy!

On the right is Oli, a british traveller who experienced Krish tour whilst plodding around Coron in 2016.

Once they met, they decided they had to share the experience they had created with other travellers.

Now you're reading this, so if you've got this far just come already!