5 things you should expect when travelling with Big Dream Boatman

First off, before you plan your travels, you have already a vision of yourself meeting new friends or even thinking to just set your own pace to have the freedom of deciding and doing things on your own. You have a reason why you are travelling, and you have also set some expectations! It will not sound new to you (maybe?), but here are the things you can expect from joining. 


  1. You will meet people from all walks of life - it is interesting to have a conversation with people you just met and know their experiences as they go around and travel. You will probably hear something that might interest you and try to do it on your next journey. It is about listening and sharing life experiences as you enjoy the island vibe.

2. You will not feel out of place - travelling with Big Dream Boat Man is such a joy. Not to mention, JOY, one of the guest’s favourite guides of all time entertaining and taking care of you whilst on the expedition. We have other guides that are very approachable and mostly, our guests are like-minded! Well, it is not all about entertainment on the boat but more of learning each other’s way of life. Just be yourself and just ask whenever you need company or if you want to be alone, that is also fine! It is not a problem at all - sometimes, we all need our little space!

3Your confidence will grow - oh tell me how! Remember that time when you are afraid to just do it alone? Or to join a group of strangers? Or afraid to do something new? With no one to rely on, with no one to discuss with if they are going or not, you are going to be responsible with your decisions. It teaches you to just do it and try new opportunities that will help you realize that you can do it! If you did not try, how would you know if you can do it? Be fearless my friend! Cliff jumping? YES!

4. You will be adaptable - joining the boat expedition, it is not always comfortable. You will experience the local life - no luxury showers, food may vary from the usual food in your country and a lot more. But who cares when you get to spend multiple days on different islands? It might be enough to see that, but the most important thing is for you to be adaptable to change. It will be such an amazing thing. 

5. Making friends is so easy - what are your what ifs? Are you worried if no one might not talk to you or not like you? I guess you just have to be approachable and be kind. We have the best crew on the boat, and they are one of the friendliest humans. Just say Hi! 

Additional to what we have listed above, we also encourage you to ask many questions and be curious! Also, do not be shy to ask for help. At the end of the day, have fun and seize the day! We hope you enjoyed reading this. To see more of Big Dream Boat Man photos, follow us on Instagram @bdbm_coron    

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See you!


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