Beach camping in Palawan, Philippines


We travel for different reasons.

We explore to take a short break from reality, to unwind and escape from the daily grind, and sometimes to just simply keep our sanity. There are a lot of choices to do in the Philippines and I think Palawan is one of the best places to visit where you can experience beach camping.

Camping in the Philippines is considered one of the greatest experiences. In Palawan, you will see amazing rock formations, powdery white sand beaches, cliffs, and a picturesque view of landscape, sunsets, and sunrises. No wonder people are so hooked and eager to visit Palawan and most of the places in the Philippines. It may sound cliché, but it has its own beauty and you just can’t get enough of it. I would say Palawan is impressive – the people are also kind and lovely!

I have experienced a lot of beach camping and I think doing it in Palawan is on my top list. Best sunset and landscape and it is beyond words. There will always be a “perfect spot” if you are a sunset lover, it’s a plus if you love taking pictures too. There is no need to edit! It is just simply and amazingly beautiful so take that shot and share it to the world!

I think one of the best sunsets can be seen in North Cay which is located in Busuanga (picture below). If you want to camp in North Cay, it is included on the list of the islands we visit during the Big Dream Boat Man expedition or you can also ask one of the boats from the port. They offer overnight lodging or a full day pass. You can spend your time snorkeling, swimming, fishing, and spearfishing or just camp near the shore and do sunset watching and chill with a bottle of beer.

North Cay has less tourists I must say and it’s one of the things I consider when doing beach camping – you do not want to camp without having enough space or at least a quiet place where you can just do what you want and have a little world of peace. Additional to that, less photobombers! I suggest for you to go around the island, you will be able to explore this island for a few minutes! So much to see around and remember to be careful with your surroundings and never take any corals/ shells with you when you leave this island. They are quite strict with that and you will see signboards along the shore too.

Another place to visit and one of the guest’s favourite when doing the boat expedition is Pass Island – this one is quite famous for their powdery white sand, the little coconut tree near the shore, and their dog named Hoover! Hoover will welcome you with his wagging tail full of excitement and curiosity. Just call his name and he will run around and play with you. He is just adorable! Aside from Hoover, Pass Island provides a much scenic view. It is one of the best beach camping sites in Palawan. You can also have some fresh coconuts – sip it and feel fresh!

Some islands have designated areas where you can camp. In Pass island, you can see above that there are tents available near the shore. You can also camp beside that cute little loner coconut tree. They have available electricity and huts too – inside that hut, you will have a fan and beddings available for your overnight stay. Very simple and basic but comfortable.


Overall, beach camping can be tough and fun at the same time. Expect that there will be sand everywhere and if you are lucky enough to be hated by mosquitoes or island bugs, that will be very easy for you. But for some, it might be annoying. On the fun part, it is a great experience and pure bliss. If you are the kind of person who loves to explore and experience the unusual, you can add beach camping on your list.

If you want to visit these beach camping sites that I think are the best places, you may contact us or DM us at @bdbm_coron or send us a quick email here for 2022-2023 schedules.

See you!