Coron to El Nido: A 7-day Itinerary for Enchantment

Coron to El Niso Palawan Itinerary

Hello, fellow globetrotters! I'm thrilled to be your virtual guide on this 7-day excursion from the mystic aisles of Coron to the serene shores of El Nido. This itinerary is a toast to our wanderlust, tailored for spirited squads and lovebirds aged 20 to 40. So, shall we dance across the turquoise waters? Come along; the islands are calling!

7 Days Coron El Nido Itinerary

Day 1: The Big Dream Boatman Beckons

As dawn breaks, the adventure kicks off with a rendezvous at Big Dream Boatman (BDBM) at 9:00 a.m. BDBM isn't just about sailing; it's about delving into Coron's heart through its Coron Island Life 3 Days 2 Nights Boat Expedition. As you cast off into the serene waters, the promise of unveiling Coron's secretive beauty is as clear as the skies.

Coron Island Expedition by Big Dream Boatman

Day 2: Coron's Secluded Spectacles

On this day, as your boat gently glides, unveil Coron's hideaways only accessible by a sailor's courage. Some of our top spots are Kayangan Lake, a serene escape with crystal-clear waters; the Twin Lagoon's calm embrace with its tranquil waters soothing balm to the city's chaos; and the whimsical Banana Island, a hideaway nestled amidst Coron's vast aquatic embrace.

Coron Islands

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Day 3: Coron's Welcoming Arms

As your boat harbours ashore around 5:00 p.m., step into a cosy hotel, your abode for the night. As dusk descends, delve into a gastronomic journey at a local diner. Coron's seafood is not just a meal; it's a tale of the ocean's bounty. The soft bed beckons for a restful retreat as the night descends, preparing you for the adventures that await.

Coron Island Hopping Multiday

Day 4: Coron - A Day of Leisurely Whispers

With the sun casting a gentle glow, Coron invites you to explore its essence at your pace. Begin with a warm embrace at Maquinit Hot Springs, followed by a serene ascent to Mt. Tapyas View Deck, where the vista speaks the language of tranquillity. As the day unfolds, wander through Coron Public Market, a hub of local life and a treasure trove of souvenirs and flavours.

Coron Town Proper

Day 5: El Nido - The Next Chapter

With the morning sun, take to the skies as you fly from Coron to El Nido. As you check into your cosy nest, the afternoon awaits with a promise of golden sands at Nacpan Beach. And when the evening sky paints the horizon, head to Las Cabanas Beach, where a sunset zipline adventure narrates tales of the sky and sea intertwined in a melodious symphony.

El Nido Bay

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Day 6: Embracing El Nido's Big Lagoon

As dawn heralds a new day, the Big Lagoon calls. Embark on Tour A and glide through the emerald embrace of El Nido's iconic Big Lagoon. Surrounded by majestic limestone formations, every moment is a melody of nature's pristine beauty.

Palawan El Nido Big Lagoon

Day 7: The Farewell Note

As you check out and catch your flight back, the memories of Coron and El Nido's serene beauty are like soft whispers, narrating tales of an island paradise explored and adored. Though the journey concludes, the islands' enchantment lingers, awaiting your return.

Palawan Philippines

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So there you have it, dear wanderers—a 7-day rendezvous from Coron's mystic embrace to El Nido's serene shores. Each day is a note in this melodious journey, offering both the symphony of adventure and the soft rhythm of relaxation. Until next time, keep the wanderlust alive!

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