Palawan Itinerary Unveiled: 14 Days of Island Majesty and Adventure

14 Day Palawan İtinerary

Embarking on a 14-day vacation through the heart of Palawan, we're set to embrace the rugged beauty of the Philippines. From the serene town of El Nido to the majestic waters of Coron, this journey promises an adventure that stitches the vibrant fabric of nature's wonders with the threads of our wanderlust.

Palawan Philippines 14 Days Itinerary

  • Day 1: Arrival at El Nido's Embrace

    Our voyage begins with a touchdown into El Nido Palawan, a sanctuary of tranquillity. Check into your hotel and shake off the journey's fatigue. As the sun begins its descent, wander through El Nido town, immersing yourself in the local atmosphere. The day starts with a spectacular sunset at Las Cabanas, a perfect canvas for the night's dreams.

    Palawan Philippines Itineray 14 days

  • Day 2: Whispering Waves and Wondrous Lagoons

    Awake with the sun and set sail to the Big Lagoon, where turquoise waters are cradled by ancient limestone. Here, nature's splendour unfolds, revealing secret beaches and hidden coves. As dusk falls, return to Las Cabanas, where the sun's farewell is as breathtaking as its greeting.

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  • Day 3: Secluded Shores and Secret Beaches

    The third day invites you to explore more secluded wonders with Tour C. Discover hidden beaches that tell tales of the sea's whispers. Each grain of sand and gentle wave brings you closer to the heart of Palawan's beauty.

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  • Day 4: Sun, Sand, and Solitude

    Today, choose your slice of paradise—Nacpan Beach offers golden sands stretching into eternity, while Duli invites you with its quiet allure. Alternatively, paddle through serenity in a kayak, cutting through glassy waters as you find peace.

    Palawan Philippines 14 Days Itinerary

  • Day 5-8: Expedition from El Nido to Coron

    As the fifth dawn breaks, join the Big Dream Boatman for a 4-day expedition that will etch itself into your memory. Setting off from El Nido, embark on a journey through raw and untouched islands. Camp under starlit skies and dine with the ocean as your backdrop. Each stop is a story, each meal a celebration of the sea's bountiful harvest.

    El Nido to Coron Island Hopping Tour
  • Day 9: Coron's Welcoming Arms

    Arriving in Coron, the expedition comes to a gentle close, and you're greeted by a town steeped in charm. This is a day for rest or exploration at your leisure. Let the town's allure captivate you, or find solace on the serene Cabu Beach.

    14 Days El Nido Coron Itinerary

  • Day 10-12: Navigating the Jewels of Coron with Big Dream Boatman

    From the moment you board the Big Dream Boatman, you embark on a 3-day voyage that invites you to live in harmony with the sea. Your days are filled with island hopping, each island a unique gem to be cherished. Snorkel in crystalline waters amongst vibrant coral reefs and dine on the catch of the day, your feet nestled in powdery sands. Nights are spent under a tapestry of stars, sharing stories and dreams with fellow adventurers.

    Coron Island Hopping

  • Day 13: The Essence of Coron and Busuanga

    Awaken in Coron with a thirst for exploration. Today is yours to commandeer a motorbike and let the winding roads of Busuanga lead you to hidden corners of local life. As evening approaches, soak in the healing embrace of Maquinit Hotspring, a natural spa like no other. The day's adventure culminates with a hike up Tapyas Mountain, where you're rewarded with a sunset that paints the sky with fiery passion, a silent finale to a day of exploration.

    Coron El Nido Palawan Philippines 14 Days Itinerary

  • Day 14: Farewell to Palawan's Paradise

    On your final day, as you prepare for departure from Busuanga Airport, carry with you the warmth of the sun and the rhythm of the waves. The islands have spoken to your heart in a language beyond words, leaving imprints of their untamed beauty. As you ascend into the skies, look down upon the mosaic of islands, a testament to the unforgettable journey that has unfolded. With a promise to return, you bid farewell to Palawan, an Eden that will forever call you back.

    Palawan Farewell

As the aircraft lifts off, your journey across Palawan's enchanting landscapes transitions from a vivid reality to cherished memories. You depart with a mosaic of experiences that blend adventure with serenity, discovery with introspection. Palawan doesn't just fade into the distance; it remains with you, urging you to share your tales and perhaps, one day, to return and uncover more of its hidden splendours. Until then, let the whispers of the waves and the tranquillity of the tropics resonate within, a gentle, persistent call of the wild that you heeded in the islands of the Philippines.

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