How to get Cash in Coron?

Travelling locally or internationally can be tricky regarding money, especially if you’re coming from halfway around the world. We may not know how things are done everywhere, but as the Top Rated Expedition Company in Coron, we can give you a few answers on how some things are done in Coron and some tips.

When travelling to different parts of the world, the main concern is currency. So, how do you get cash in Coron?

Cash in Coron

You can’t use USD in the PH to buy a drink at convenience stores or use GBP at the vendo machine. So the main message is to ensure you bring enough cash in the correct currency when you travel, especially overseas.


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Is it hard to get money in the Philippines?

Getting money in the Philippines is relatively easy if you’re in the city. You can even use credit cards, especially with a MasterCard or a Visa Card!

Yayyy! Yes, we’re not cavemen, after all. But what about when you’re not on the mainland? Or what if you’re from Europe and you have a Maestro? Well, brace yourself, as it can get pretty challenging.

What if I want to go to Coron?

Money Exchange in Coron

Cash and Credit Card Usage in Coron

When you’re travelling to Coron, Palawan, preparing your monetary situation matters. Know that it’s still a little provincial. I mean, it’s a touristy place, but it’s still nowhere near the advancement of the metro.

So, to be safe, make sure that you either book and pay for everything in advance or have enough money for your planned activities and some extra bucks for extensions or emergencies.

Money Exchange in ATM's in Coron

Draw enough money and exchange your currencies while you’re in Manila. You won’t have a problem finding Forex (foreign exchange) booths and ATMs when you’re in the city, but once you’re in the provinces, you’ll want to wish you did as told.

Only a few ATM's accept Maestro in smaller towns, and only a few money changers will change your GBP. The sad truth is that you can even expect some money changers to refuse to change your GBP to PHP.

USD is generally easier to change anywhere but don’t change your GBP to USD before changing them to PHP again. You’ll be losing more money by doing that because you’ll be paying for two exchanges.

Note: In the Philippines, there is a 10,000php cap per transaction on ATM's plus a 200php fee (for foreign banks) on top of what your bank would additionally charge you. You can draw 10,000PHP several times if you please, but there is a daily limit depending on your bank.

What happens if you run out cash in Coron?

So, what if you’re already in Coron and run out of cash?

Almost everything is on a cash basis in Coron. “Help! I ran out of cash, and I’m already in Coron! What do I do now?”

Well, some resorts and establishments accept credit cards as long as they have the logo of MasterCard or Visa. The trick is finding which ones.


ATM Foreign Exchange in Coron Palawan


No Master or Visa Card?

“I’m from a different part of the world and don’t have a Master or Visa card.”

Don’t worry; there’s another way to get money when you’re already in Coron. A lot of travellers do this too!

You can go online and send yourself some cash via remittance centres. Just write your name as the sender and recipient. You can also wire transfer money and receive it within minutes. But be warned; the fees can be pretty heavy.

Money Exchange in Coron

Another way is to exchange your Dollars (or Euro, Baht, Yen etc.) via local money changers or pawn shops around Coron.

You can go to local pawn shops like Palawan PawnShop or M Lhuillier to exchange your dollars (no need for an ID to change your currencies here) or send the money via remittance. This would be your best bet because they have reasonable exchange rates here. You can also go for Western Union, which has the same exchange rates as the bank (you might need an ID here).

You can also try other foreign exchange counters, but the exchange rates might not be as reasonable as expected.


What if I’m doing island tours or expeditions?

Coron Money Exchange

If you spend some nights on secluded beaches and private islands, you don’t need to carry as much cash since you won’t physically go to establishments and pay for stuff during each checkout.

However, make sure to bring enough to pay for the tour or settle your payment before the tour or expedition starts.

If you’re booking with a company like us, Big Dream Boatman, whose package includes everything from fees to food to booze and accommodations, you’re all set! You don’t have to worry about carrying cash at all, well, at least during our trip!

Tips for Cash in Palawan

  • When you exchange your currency at the airport, the exchange rates can be pretty low. This may or may not affect your budget depending on how the amount you’re exchanging.
  • Another tip for you to not use up your cash on hand is booking your accommodations online. By doing so, you can just use your card to pay for it.
  • Keep in mind that you may have issues while connecting to Internet if you plan to use your online bank account.
  • Always keep Philippine peso (PHP) in your pocket.


Palawan Money Transfer

Consider opening a bank account in the Philippines

If you intend to frequent the Philippines, consider opening a Global Filipino account if your country has a bank that supports this.

You can deposit the money for your trips into the account and then draw it out in the Philippines using the local ATM card they will issue for no charge

It is intended to be a remittance tool, so you cannot reload it once you’re in the Philippines. You also cannot access your foreign account using your local ATM, and vice versa, so be sure to draw out everything while you’re still in the Philippines.

The Coron Experience

Not having easy access to ATMs or Money Changers might be a dealbreaker, but before you walk away, remember that stepping foot in this little paradise is definitely worth the preparation.

You don’t always have to stay in the city. After all, when you’re travelling to Palawan, the Philippines, it’s almost always about having a feel of its colourful culture, basking in its beautiful beaches, and experiencing the wonderful island life.

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Join our memorable Coron to El Nido Island Hopping and explore the breathtaking landscapes and hidden paradises nestled between these two enchanting destinations. Engage in thrilling activities, savour mouthwatering meals prepared by our chef, and create lifelong memories under the starlit sky.


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