Nightlife in Coron

Coron Secrets: Nightlife in Coron

Ok, so we don’t think anything beats the party we have on the last night of our expedition on Pass Island with our guests — bonfire, rum and cokes and karaoke!

Alas, once you get back in to Coron town after the expedition you may want to explore Coron’s nightlife. 

The good and bad thing is that there’s not much to choose from!

We usually recommend staying 1 or 2 nights max in Coron after the expedition and your night may go something like this.


5–6.30pm: Sunset Beer — Luis Bay / Mt Tapyas

Before the night officially starts, we highly recommend grabbing a few cold San Mig’s from the local store and watching the sun go down around Luis Bay. This is the port area where all of the day trip/expedition boats leave from. If you’re on our expedition you’ll know it as the meeting point. Otherwise, google is your friend. Around here is one of the best places to watch sunset, and its not crowded either. 

If you’re packed full of energy, you could always take the cold ones up to the top of Mt Tapyas and watch the sunset up there, so you have both an excercise light and heavy option here lol.


Coron Sunset near Luis Bay

6.30–9pm: Dinner & Drinks — Island Boy Grill 

If you want to keep the night out vibes running we suggest going here as there is usually some live music and good vibes going down. 

Some of the nice dinner spots that we highlighted in our top restaurants are kind of food focussed and could potentially kill the night out vibes!

However a warning… don’t expect the worlds greatest food or service from Island Boy. It’s more of a laid back watch the music, if the food comes it comes kinda place. 

So if you want to take a break, get some good food with good service, maybe check out one of our top restaurants in Coron. Or see our next stop on the night…

9–10.30pm: Chill Vibes — Kuridas

I think of all the bars in Coron, this is our personal favourite. Just great vibes. It is a reggae bar after all. Oh and you can also get some ink done if you want!

They do good food here so it’s as good, if not better an option than Island Boy but it just depends whether you want to stay here for that long as it’s a small place, get’s quite busy and it’s good to break the night up a little. 


Still though, if you only go one place, this is the one.

10.30 & Beyond — Let’s Go — Hangover Bar

Okay, so if the Marley vibes didn’t chill you out enough to want to snuggle in and have an early night, and you’re raring to go hard there is only one stop.

Hangover Bar. She’s everything you’d want from a little late night island club!

All the spots we pointed out here are within short walking distance from each other.

We hope this little guide was helpful for you, if you’re coming on one of our expeditions feel free to ask the guys where else is good to go as it does change quite often with new places springing up! Of course, if you hear of some good places while you’re there, let me know.

Have a great trip!

Oli Big Dream Boat Man




Co Founder
Big Dream Boat Man Coron