Palawan Food (Must try!)

It is fascinating that there are so many islands in the Philippines that could distinguish its culture and people through food! Except that, we all love our main dish, "White Rice!".

If you're an exotic food lover or just a plain food lover, it's time to explore the must-try/exotic foods in Palawan.

Read our guide to learn about Palawan food before planning your visit to El Nido and Coron.


Tamilok (Woodworm) – often found in Palawan and is a mollusc harvested from mangroves.


They were called "worms" because they are slimy and look like one, but they are not a type of worm (yes, I am convincing you!). This one tastes like an oyster, and you can buy it in Puerto Princesa, where you can see locals that sell it. Calamansi, vinegar, chilli (labuyo), and chopped onions are famous for making a marinated Tamilok.

The price ranges from 120 -150 pesos ($2-$3) with sometimes unlimited rice. The Kinabuchs Bar and Grill in Puerto Princesa serves the tasty Tamilok fresh or deep-fried(breaded). So, if you're heading to Palawan and want to try, it's the best place.

Crocodile Sisig

Crocodile Sisig tastes like chicken meat, and although it's gummy, it's still one of the famous foods in Palawan.

Crocodile Sisig


You can request to have it marinated too with Lime/Kalamansi and Soy Sauce and some extra spices/herbs, or if you want to be extra, it can be cooked like Bicol Express (especially if you like spicy food!).

Typically, it costs $2 to $5 per order, and you can try Crocodile Sisig at the Ka Inato Restaurant in Rizal Avenue, Princesa Palawan.

Mud Lobster

Palawan is rich in seafood. On our El Nido to Coron Expedition, our usual thing to do is to catch some fresh fish, and we cook it during lunch or dinner and serve it to our guests.

Mud Crab

One must-try is the mud crab, usually cooked with coconut milk and chilli or sometimes steamed with a vegetable side dish. In addition, you can visit Lobster King in Coron Palawan to taste different mouth-watering seafood.

Lato Seaweed

Cuyo has the best quality Lato in the Philippines and is often harvested by Tagbanua tribes in Palawan.

It's an edible sea grape and can be eaten with vinegar, salt, or the usual salad (ensalada). You can make "Ensaladang Lato" quickly, with just tomatoes, onions, vinegar, salt, and pepper, and you're done!

Lato Seaweed

Cuyo, Palawan is an excellent place to visit, too, since it has a group of islands with white sand beaches, which is a good spot for snorkelling, island hopping and beach bumming. And so, Lato has been the #1 to-go salad for travellers visiting Cuyo.

Kalui Restaurant is a place to go to try the Lato salad too. It's also located on Rizal Ave. in Princesa.

Chao Long

Chao Long is a Vietnamese food in Palawan and is served by Rene's Saigon in Puerto Princesa & Bona's Chao Long Haus. The boat people have been refugees in the Philippines, leaving an incredible food culture in Palawan.

Chao Long

Chao Long is a thin rice noodle with a sweet-savoury broth mixed with beef/pork.

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