Discovering Paradise: A 10-Day Itinerary from Coron to El Nido

10 Day Trip Plan for Coron to El Nido

The Philippine archipelago is a  gem-studded realm in the vast Pacific, with Coron and El Nido as its crown jewels. The untouched beauty, the whispers of the waves, and the tender, warm smiles of the locals are the verses of a love song that every traveller finds themselves humming. This narrative is an ode to the unadulterated charm of these island havens, a guide for those venturing as lovebirds or amidst the hearty laughter of friend groups.

Coron El Nido Itinerary

10-Day Itinerary from Coron to El Nido

Day 1: Stepping into Coron's Charm

As your feet touch the quaint land of Coron, the island extends its arms wide open, ready to narrate tales of its past, present, and the timeless beauty it holds. The Coron Town Tour is your first whisper of an island that cradles history and modernity in a tender embrace.

Day 2: The Super Ultimate Adventure

The day dawns with the promise of the Super Ultimate Tour, a name that carries the essence of what's to unfold. It's a day of tracing the outlines of limestone cliffs, diving into the heart of crystal waters, and letting the island's spirit sweep you off your feet.

Coron Island Hopping Tours

Day 3: Beneath the Waves: Reef and Wrecks

Dive headfirst into the pages of history beneath the calm waters as you explore the Reef and Wrecks. Each sunken relic tells tales of times gone by, while the vibrant marine life paints a picture of the pulsing present.

Day 4: The Big Dream Boatman Expedition Begins

As the sun drapes a golden veil over the waters, you embark on the Big Dream Boatman, a 4-day Coron to El Nido Boat Trip across the jewel-toned waters. The journey, commencing at 9:00 a.m., is your ticket to living the island dream.

Big Dream Boatman Coron to El Nido Boat Expedition

Day 5-6: Island Hopping Extravaganza

The days blend into a palette of azure, turquoise, and golden hues as you hop from one island to another, uncovering hidden gems that Coron and El Nido generously offer. It's a rendezvous with nature orchestrated by the gentle lull of the waves.

Day 7: Sailing Towards El Nido

As the day folds into a soft evening, you port to El Nido Palawan, a realm where nature sings lullabies of ancient times. After the serene journey, the comforting cradle of your hotel awaits to usher you into the next chapter of this island narrative.

El Nido Town

Day 8: Basking in Beachfront Bliss

With the sun casting long, lazy shadows, your footprints carve memories on the sands of Las Cabanas Beach in the morning while the serene Lio Beach awaits to narrate tales of the horizon as the day unfolds.

Las Cabanas Beach El Nido Palawan

Day 9: Exploring the Big Lagoon

The Tour A with Big Lagoon is not merely a venture; it's an embrace of the island's soul. As you glide over emerald waters, every ripple tells tales of the ancient, the wild, and the beautiful.

Big Lagoon El Nido Palawan

Day 10: Farewell to Paradise

As you check out and head towards the airstrip, every beat of your heart echoes the rhythm of the islands. As you board the flight, the sky whispers tales of return, of the endless embrace that Coron and El Nido hold.

Here are some local tips for you:

Delight in Filipino Flavors

Filipino cuisine is a narrative of the islands, a blend of cultures, a celebration of the indigenous, the inherited, and the inventive. Delight in the divine Adobo, the hearty Sinigang, the festive Lechon, the comforting Kare-Kare and the sweet, sweet notes of Halo-Halo. Each dish is a poem verse, an ode to the island's spirit.

Filipino Cuisine

Health and Safety Tips

A wise wanderer is a safe wanderer. Equip yourself with travel insurance and embrace the local advisories. The islands are a haven, and a pinch of caution ensures your journey is nothing short of perfect.


The canvas of Coron to El Nido is vast and vivid and waiting for your brushstrokes. This itinerary is a gentle whisper, a nudge to let your island dreams soar into the boundless blue. Amidst the heartbeats of adventure, the serenity of the sands, and the whispers of the waves, find your island narrative waiting to be written.

So, shall we set sail?

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