The Real Top 5 Things to Do in El Nido

 the real top 5 things to do in El Nido

El Nido is one of the most beautiful islands of the world. There is a reason why everybody loves and doesn't want to leave El Nido.

There are many things to do in El Nido but here are top 5 local tips for you to enjoy El Nido more.

Zip Wire in Las Cabanas Beach

    Zip Wire in Las Cabanas Beach El Nido Palawan
     Photo Credits: El Nido Botique Artcafe

    How many places can you do zip wire over the ocean?! You can do it over Las Cabanas beach and so it’s also a perfect place to watch sunset.

    We recommend getting down there about 3pm when the sun is less aggressive, doing your thing on the Zip line and then getting a great spot to watch the sun go down on the beach with a few beers (or rums).

    El Nido a Tropical Paradise
     Photo Credits: El Nido Paradise


    Ride out to Twin Beach (and other spots)

      When we’re not on an expedition and guests ask us to take them out, this is the first thing we do. Rent motorbikes and hit the road. There’s a sense of freedom you get about it that brings a whole new dimension to travelling.


      Go off the beaten path and meet locals

        People in Palawan are generally the friendliest people you can meet. The kids are so full of joy and playfulness that often when you drive around the island and go to lesser known spots, you’ll come across some locals and be able to have a truly genuine experience of the Philippines. As you may know we are all about island life so for us this is important.


        Get out on the water!

          Similarly to Coron, most of the beauty of El Nido is on the surrounding water in the lakes and lagoons. Obviously we hate crowds and so we won’t recommend doing Tour A, B etc. We are bias and would suggest you do a Palawan expedition but if you don’t mind the crowds and you prefer the more budget options then these standard tours will be just fine, whatever works for you!


          Eat Local

            Now El Nido is unfortunately becoming known for some bad water and food which is making a lot of people sick so you need to be careful about this but trying some local Filipino food when in town has to be on your list. We’ll leave it to you to find where suits and to take the right precautions checking reviews and whatnot, if you do find something great, let us know!

            That’s all from us. If you are coming to Coron or El Nido and want to find out more about us (we are the number 1 ranked expedition on Trip Advisor, then be sure to check us out. @bdbm_coron on IG)

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