Top 5 Travel Bloggers for Philippines

by Charm Gutierrez
Last updated on: July 16, 2023

Some blogs won’t be enough! I know you’re looking for a variety of blogs that will help you plan your trip to the Philippines or while you’re waiting for the ultimate Island Life expedition!

We’ve got some foreign bloggers who really love the Philippines – some of them provide itineraries, budgets, list of accommodations, honest review of the Philippines, and other stuff….not to mention their love for Filipino people and culture. 


  1. Becoming Filipino – Kyle “Kulas” as his Filipino name. His blog is all about learning how to become a real Filipino – he shares more about positivity, different experiences as a Canadian in the Philippines, and his love for the Filipino people. Our Filipino culture is one of his favorites to share and off the beaten paths. It’s also great to know that he wants to become a Filipino.


  1. Two Monkeys Travel – British traveler and writer Jonathan Howe. During his travel around PH, he met this Filipina backpacker and from there, they have since shared their travel and love story. It may sound just like that but they have lots of blogs that can help you from being a sustainable traveler, sharing inspiring stories, culture and Filipino hospitality, and other travel guides you might want to know. They also love to sail!


3. Just Oneway Ticket – German traveler Sabrina shares her Travel guides and she’s one of the brand ambassadors of Cebu Pacific Air. She stayed here in the Philippines for 2 months and visited Cebu, Siargao, and many more. She has plenty of contents about the PH. Go and check her out! Her PH video is epic by the way!


  1. I Dreamed of This – Featured as one of the Top Male Travel Blogger in the world by HuffPost UK, Nathan Allen is one of the few bloggers who promotes the beauty of the Philippines and its people plus culture. He focuses on spending less while seeing more of the places he wants to visit. He has available Travel Guides and snorkeling advices here in the PH. He is also a Photographer and a long-term traveler that seeks freedom just like you!



  1. Keep Calm and Travel – Italian traveler blogger, Clelia Mattan who visited most parts of the Philippines. She shares the incredible places here. She shares awesome beaches, travel guides, and travel essentials. She’s really in love with the Philippines and just like others; she’s passionate of what she’s doing! DREAM BIG!


There are still many bloggers out there who fell in love with the beauty of the Philippines. We have an incredible list of Pinoy Travel Bloggers too, others are Vloggers and we are thankful for them!

If you are planning to come here, make sure to check out our expedition on you're way through 😀.

Hope this article helped you out!




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