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So, why spend your Coron trip with us... Well it's a good question, I mean we are a bit more expensive than your typical Coron boat tour, so what exactly are you getting for your money?


Here we explore the Top 7 Reasons to join our expeditions :).


1. Peace Of Mind

When you travel with BDBM you have peace of mind that your trip is in safe, responsible and experienced hands. By speaking with us before you arrive and having the trip planned ahead of time you know that once you arrive you can just enjoy the trip without having to organise things. We have you covered and you can be rest assured you'll hit all the main spots on your trip, and then some extra special ones too! Also the BDBM guides are professional, kind, thoughtful and guest focused. We don't like to talk down about the other guides in Coron but to say they are hit and miss would not be untrue. 


2. Expedition Not Tour

This is huge. We are not a tour, when you see 'Coron tour' it means you leave at 9am and come back at 5pm and spend most of that time coming to and from Coron with hundreds of other boats. With BDBM we leave before most of the other boats on the first day and then we're off, because we're on an expedition and staying on islands not in Coron town we are able to get to places at really random times which means you don't run into the thousands of other tourists. This again, if you haven't experienced a typical Coron tour is hard to explain. We have guests who say 'Ah it's not so busy in Palawan'... if only they really knew! We make it like that specifically to give our guests the best experience, it takes a lot of hard work and of course, we can't always avoid the crowds but we do a pretty good job!


BDBM Coron Expedition

3. Personalised Experience

Want to have a Kayak? Spend some time on Culion with the locals? Experience a specific island? Learn how to spear fish? With BDBM you can personalise your expedition and we actually make conscious effort to find out more about you before you come with us so we can make your trip extra special. Our philosophy is that if we try to make it that you have the best experience possible, then you're more likely to recommend us to your friends and that is the best result for us too. On the standard Coron tours there is nothing personal, you get on the boat and do route A, B, C or D... 


4. No Added Fees

This is a big one for those who are a bit more budget conscious. When it comes down to it, we're not actually much more expensive than if you were to arrange the same trip when you get here as when you do that you will have to personally pay for the added fees. The prices for a boat trip in Coron are for just that, boat trip, they don't include the island entry fees which you must pay for every site, nor do they include island accommodation at night, masks and snorkels usually not included, nor is any meal (lunch may be), but not breakfast lunch and dinner, it also doesn't include any local rum, nor airport/ferry pick up and drop off. With BDBM the price you pay should cover your whole trip from the moment you are with us to drop off :).

BDBM Coron Expedition 

5. Guides That Care

This is our biggest reason but the hardest to explain in words. We just generally care about our guests. BDBM was set up by a traveller and a local, it's a partnership and they met when Oli got on a boat with Krish and they sailed around for a few days. That experience changed both of their lives because of the bond between them both, this is the experience we try to recreate for our guests and it comes down to really listening to what our guests want and being attentive to them. If you don't do another boat tour while in Palawan then you wouldn't be able to compare the difference but for any of our guests who have experienced other Palawan tours this will be very obvious, and a welcome change.


6. Unique Experience

There is no other business that does what BDBM, it is a completely unique experience, again we can't really describe this but you will see for yourselves if you come with us.

BDBM Coron Expedition Tour


7. Helping The Local Community

If you are an eco-traveller or interested in social improvement this should be welcome news to you. BDBM are the only social focussed expedition operator in Coron. As we have just started in the last year we don't talk much about this as we haven't achieved that much yet, however, the long term aim is to invest a good portion of our profits into the local area, in both preservation and education. The day will hopefully come when we have BDBM farms, education courses and preservation areas! 


Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon!


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Thanks for reading!

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