Coron to Coron
(Coron Island Life)
3 Days 2 Nights

"Hidden beaches and coves, private lakes and emerald lagoons, fresh native cuisine and rustic and comfortable cabins, cottages and camping are Big Dream Boatman's signature experiences. Travel with them and you'll get to know the region's hidden gems" - Lonely Planet

1. About the Expedition

Starting and finishing in Coron a maximum of 14 travellers join our passionate crew on 2 nights of adventure exploring the Calamian Islands of Palawan, avoiding the crowds as best we can.

BDBM is a chance to truly embrace island life, make genuine friendships with both locals and travellers, explore at your leisure, without the feeling of being a tourist.

Eat fresh food and hang out with the crew and fellow guests. Take the trip at your own pace... There will be activities like skimboarding, basketball and beach volleyball for those more active, or if you just want to chill, read a book, take a walk, the choice is yours.

Come sunset you'll be stopping each night on an island to watch sunset, share stories and sleep with the stars. There might be karaoke, boodle fights, bonfires.

This trip is more laid back than Coron to El Nido as we don't have to travel wide open seas, so its ideal for those who want to really relax and embrace island life.

2. Why Start and Finish in Coron?

By now you've probably seen that most expeditions in the region go from Coron to El Nido and vice versa. We ourselves operate both of these trips. So why start and finish in Coron? Quite simply, the destinations and scenery closer to Coron are the most breathtaking, beautiful, and uncrowded. Because of the closeness of the destinations, and without the need to get to El Nido, this trip allows you to fully embrace island life... and we highly reccomend it.

3. Where do we sleep?

Every night around sunset we arrive on a beautiful island where you will either sleep in a native cottage built into the sand, or camp underneath the stars. All accommodations are provided and included.

4. Who is it for?

This trip is ideal for those with an adventurous spirit and an open mind. People who are looking for real experiences when they travel and to meet like minded people. While there is no upper age limit we request you to be at least 14 years of age and physically healthy.

5. Why travel with Big Dream Boatman?

We take feedback from every guest and we implement the changes that get requested and so, over time, our trip has been crafted and moulded by the people it's meant to serve.

That's why we don't have too many people on board the boat, we learned that it messes with the social dynamics. That's also why we don't charge for anything during the trip and try to include everything (including limited alcohol) into our fee.

Perhaps this is why we continue to rank as number 1 on Trip Advisor and continue to be the go-to expedition for the biggest names in travel but also, there's something else.

It's hard to put this in to words but the clue really is in our name. Have you ever been around people who are so full of passion for what they do you find that it's infectious?

That's probably what makes us most special. Our people. The family, you become a part of the second you step on the boat. As beautiful as Palawan is, and believe us when we say it's beautiful, we believe the best memories come from sharing it with great people.

And lastly, because we guarantee satisfaction. If you don't enjoy your trip, for whatever reason, then we will give you your money back.

6. When is good to go & itinerary?

We run our expeditions from mid-October until July and expect all expeditions to run during these times. The best chance of perfect weather is January-April.

We don't operate in July-September due to monsoon season.

There is no formal itinerary for these trips as our experience shows it is better to leave it open, our trip is quite popular and to avoid imitation we prefer to not release exactly where we go.

We can tell you that during this trip you will visit a couple of the 'Coron Highlights' on the first day such as Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoon and then we venture more to the remote and unexplored sandbars, islands, lakes and shipwrecks.

If you have specific questions about destinations you can contact us.

7. Prices, Payment & Inclusions

The price for this expedition is USUALLY $499 USD. We are currently running an Earlybird promo of $449 USD. 

40% of the payment is required as an online deposit and the rest paid upon arrival.

The payment includes meals, drinks (including alcohol), towels, masks/snorkel, and 2 nights island style accommodations (cottages and camping).

We send you an expedition preparation document with more info and tips of what to bring etc.

8. Accommodations

Because the islands we visit are remote they do not have features such as hot running water or advanced sewage.

The cottages are very simple, bamboo built with a simple mattress, mosquito net and fan. Some of them have multiple beds in so if you are a group of friends or solo travellers it's possible you will share if the trip is full (only happens during peak season.)

For shower and toilet there is fresh water and manual flush, again very simple but always clean and safe.

There is no air conditioning or deluxe bedding. All of the accommodations are built into the sand, you wake up to the sounds of the sea and there is very little electricity on the islands that the sky is full of stars.

The islands do have enough electricity to charge your phones, most of the time (although there can be power outages).

For the camping aspect of the trip, we provide the tents, small mattress, pillow and set up. Again these will be put in the sand, next to the ocean.

We have been running these expeditions for a couple of years now and have all sorts of guests come and experience, generally, people love the natural and simple aspect of the sleeping arrangements it's well worth the compromise on comfort for the overall experience but it is important to set your expectation and for you to decide if you can 'rough it' for a few days.

9. The Boat

The Boat for Coron Island Life is a traditional banka boat but we've added a few things to make it more comfortable! The boat has a nice upper deck full of soft mats to rest/sunbathe during the day and nets on the side. It also has a toilet on board and more than enough room for guests. We don't pack our boats super full, so you will have space. Swipe for pictures :).

10. Additional Information

The trip starts at 10am on the first day and finishes around 4pm on the last day. The meeting point is Luis Bay Restobar and the drop off is the port next to Luis Bay (the main boat area of Coron.) When you book we send you more info around the meeting point, your dietary requirements, special requests etc. If you have any questions or require additional information please don't hesitate to contact us.

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