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Safety in Coron and El Nido, Palawan, the Philippines

by Charm Gutierrez
Last updated on: July 16, 2023

“Exercise increased caution due to crimeterrorism, and a Malaria outbreak.  Some areas have increased risk.  Do not travel to and reconsider travel to and so on and so forth…”  - well, well! The things we read on the Internet are really helpful, and I agree! It helps you to be aware of your surroundings and helps you to know the country you’re planning to visit.

Coron is safe


Is the Philippines safe?

Just like the other countries, we cannot be 100% sure that all the places we visit are safe, quiet, or crime-free. So the questions are:

Is Palawan safe? Yes!

Is Coron safe? Yes!

Is El Nido safe? Yes!

Is it safe to go on an Coron Island Expedition with you? I’m kinda scared! Absolutely yes!

I was also worried about visiting other countries in Southeast Asia for the first time, even the second time. I think it’s part of being a human, being scared and sometimes we overthink.

El Nido is safe

Are Filipinos Friendly People?

I have known some foreign friends who visited PH, they say Filipino people are nice and helpful, always helping tourists with a smile. Of course, I don’t mean all Filipinos, there will still be people who you’ll meet in life that are not so good – that include pickpockets and bag-snatching.

Another thing I’d like to add, just don’t be overly dressed and wear expensive accessories/gadgets around Manila. It’s better to stay simple and just be mindful whenever you travel here.

Is Coron and El Nido Safe?

In Coron and El Nido however, even if you walk with expensive stuff in touristic spots, you won’t feel threatened. So if you’re planning to visit El Nido or Coron, it’s safe here.

Palawan, Philippines Emergency Numbers

There are professional security and police mobile that you can approach around if you need help. Primary responders are the Philippine National Police providing police assistance in relation to public safety and crime prevention. Other main emergency numbers are listed below:

  • PH National Emergency hotline: 911
  • Philippine National Police (PNP) hotline patrol: 117 & Text hotline: 0917-847-5757
  • Department of Tourism Region IV-B:  Tel.No.: (02) 890-1014 / 459-5200 loc. 210 
  • Coron Tourist Info Center: 0917-888-1362


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