4 Reasons Why You Should Take a Break and Travel to an Island

Every once in a while, it’s nice to take a break from the fast-paced busy lifestyle of the metro. It’s even better if you can get out of town for a few days and do something entirely different from your daily routine. Something that involves nature, roughing it up a bit, you know, something more like an expedition?

As a 5 * expedition operator in Coron, we say you should head out to a beach or go for an island adventure. Here are a few reasons why you should camp in a beach.


Increases Brain Function

No, we’re not talking about suddenly making objects float or bending spoons with your mind. We’re not even talking about an instant IQ booster. It may not be magic but it does help your brain’s health which can do wonders to your life.

When you are outdoors, specifically in an island, you are surrounded by the ocean, lots of trees and fresher air. Fresh air also improves your blood pressure and boosts your immune system so having more fresh air for a few days is really good for the body. This means that you have more oxygen available around you and you inhale less pollution as compared to when you’re in the city. Your brain functions better with this increased level of oxygen. Remember your biology class? Oxygen is fuel to the body.


When you’re sailing to an island or setting up camp, your eyes can also see so many interesting things. You’ll never really know what you’ll see or what you’re gonna discover because this is nature you’re interacting with. It’s very far from the monotony of the city. You can set up a campfire, go swimming or snorkeling, relax in the sand, spend the night stargazing and maybe even hunt for your own food (or fish).

Our brains get exercise when we are facing new challenges so generally, with all these activities, all your senses are at work so you are getting physically and mentally stimulated. When you’re experiencing something new or facing a new challenge, your brain health increases.



Another good reason to camp in an island is the people you meet. Travelling is a great way to meet different kinds of people. You get to see the world through their eyes and their stories, the journey they’ve had and the experiences they’ll share.

Whether you’re touring, exploring or camping, you’re bound to meet locals and foreigners who might end up being your friend, future travel buddy or even future business partner. And the best part is that there’s really no expectations or judgment so you can just be yourself and see where it takes you. These people are not your bosses that you have to impress nor your neighbours whom you have to deal with everyday. These are just people who are out to see the world, have a good time, and maybe make good memories along the way.



Socialising with travellers and locals from other cities gives you an entirely different perspective of life and the world you’re living in. It makes you appreciate the things that you have, the things you’ve done, and the memories you’ve made. It makes you appreciate the privileges you enjoy and more than that, it helps you realize things about yourself that you might have never known before.

You might discover a new love for diving or your knack for wilderness survival. You might find a new passion or advocacy. You might even suddenly decide to start living off your backpack from now on. Having a new perspective on things helps you grow as a person. It humbles you. It makes you more grateful. It sets your spirit free. It makes you more humane.




Nature helps lower stress level by default. Aside from the fresh air, the colors of nature which has a psychological effect on people, and the environment that radiates optimism, all the outdoor activities refreshes your psyche.

Having time away from your “usual” allows you to purge all the negativity and pressure of your “real life”. When you do one of our expeditions, you usually set off on day 1 and get back on day 4. So that’s 4 days of the wind in your hair while you’re on that boat ride to the island, the fresh and clear waters that’s waiting for you to swim in, the sand in your toes as the sun goes down while you’re enjoying a bottle of booze. All of these helps decrease anxiety and depression. It allows you to breathe in an exhilarating way and brings you back as a new person.

Do you have anything interesting stories to share about your travels? Let us know in the comments section.


See ya!

Riya Gauna